Welcome to Mr. Keim’s Website

Hello! I am Mr. Adam Keim and I currently teach 11th and 12th grade Bible class. This year we are studying the book of Genesis (quarters 1 & 2) and the book of Revelation (quarters 3 & 4).

Week of 10/16 to 10/20: No quiz this week. Work on your group presentations – you will be doing them in two weeks!

Here are the teams for group presentations:

The Space Toasters – Philip, Natalie, Mark, Claire (Tower of Babel)

The Barbequed Rainbows – Hannah, Carissa, Katriel, Madelyn (Educational Skits)

Arroz y Frijoles – David, Isaac, JJ, Elaine (Theme of Death)

The Cocoa Beans- Jon, Jacob, Stanley, John (Creation)

The Purple Minions – Jessica, Joel, Justin, Summer (Curse on Canaan)

Here is the class syllabus.

Here is the class schedule.

See the Calendar page for important dates.


A nice view of the Sea of Galilee from Jesus’ hometown of Capernaum. Almost as much fun as being in this Bible class.